Regional Safe School

The Regional Safe School Program (RSSP) is run under the direction of the Vermilion County Regional Office of Education #54. Housed in the same building as VASE and Middlefork School, the RSSP is a separate program offering students with multiple suspensions, or who are expulsion eligibile, or who have been expelled and are in grades 6-12 from all over Vermilion County (including Danville School District 118) an opportunity to continue to earn credits for the duration of time while they are unable to attend their school campus.

Students are referred to the RSSP by their home school district school board only, for a set amount of time from one semester up to 2 years. In some cases, students who have experienced success may request to petition to remain in the program for a longer period of time. Acceptance into the program is granted through an intake meeting. Permission to remain in the program longer than the initial assignment is granted through a process including a petition hearing by a team including the regional safe school program teacher, social worker, administrator, and may include the Regional Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Aaron Hird. 

This program has two classrooms (jr high & high school) where students work independently in a self-contained classroom of 18 or less on a mixture of coursework tailored to their academic credit needs and delivered via online computer learning or through direct instruction. Students may receive additional support on basic skills if performing below grade level, and high school students aged 16 or older may also participate in on-site and off- site vocational experiences including resume writing, completing job applications, mock interviews, and career exploration, with possible job placement of approved candidates via a job coach.

This is a highly structured program with high expectations for behavior, attendance, and academic performance. Students must submit to a mandatory drug test prior to entering the program. Both individual and group counseling are available to students in addition to drug education and counseling for those who test positive for illegal substances. Students who are unwilling to follow the expectations for behavior, attendance, and academics may be dropped from the program, and will not then attend school until the end of the expulsion date.