Middlefork School

About Middlefork School

Middlefork School is a therapeutic public day school program for students in grades K-12+ who are residents of the member school districts of the Vermilion Association for Special Education (VASE). These districts include: Armstrong-Ellis Grade School District, Armstrong High School District, Potomac Grade School District , Hoopeston Area School District, Rossville-Alvin Grade School District, Bismarck-Henning School District, Oakwood School District, Salt Fork School District, Westville School District, and Georgetown - Ridge Farm School District.


Our students are referred through the IEP process by their home school district. The majority of our students have been diagnosed with Emotional or Behavioral Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, other health impairments, or an Intellectual Disability that makes it very difficult to function successfully within the classrooms of their home school. We will accept any student with an IEP if the placement is what the IEP team determines is the least restrictive and most appropriate placement for a student in order for them to be successful.


Our students receive specialized instruction in core subjects, or in a life skills curriculum that is tailored to their individual needs. They will also be provided an opportunity to develop pre-vocational skills and social skills needed to survive in today's world. Academic interventions are provided to students who are working below grade level.


Middlefork students benefit from a low student to teacher ratio which provides a greater amount of intensive intervention than would be possible in their home school. Our dedicated, compassionate, and skilled staff is trained in Handle With Care techniques for de-escalation of behavior. We use PBIS, CHAMPS, and a level system to teach and reinforce behavioral expectations with a pro-active and positive approach. We are able to provide sensory integration, individual behavior intervention plans, cognitive behavioral therapy, social emotional learning classes, and practice self-regulation and mindfulness skills with our students.


Middlefork school provides a highly restrictive educational environment with the goal of stabilizing and modifying behavior so that the students can transition back to their home school where they will successfully reintegrate into classes with their peers.

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