About Us

Vermilion Association for Special Education is the cooperative that provides special education services to member districts located throughout Vermilion County in east central Illinois.


To be the premier team of professionals who provide the highest quality educational services and supports to Vermilion County schools, students, and families to ensure our students reach their fullest potential.


VASE exists to provide comprehensive, evidence-based prevention and intervention services to enable students with diverse needs to achieve their maximum learning potential through collaboration with, and support to the families, district personnel, and community agencies.


  • Everyone will learn.

  • Every person has a purpose and should be treated with fairness, honesty, and respect.

  • A strong sense of unity, responsibility, open communication, and a solid work ethic are the keys to a positive collaborative learning community.

  • Ongoing personal and professional growth along with sharing this knowledge with others will promote a professional learning community.

  • Through the use of professionalism and open communication, conflicts and problems are an opportunity for growth/change.