Early Childhood Special Education


Every Child Succeeds Educationally

Mission Statement:

Early Childhood Special Education is an environment where children are learning and growing to reach their fullest potential at their own rate.



        1.     To work with each child at his/her level and help them enhance academic readiness skills in all developmental areas - speech/language, fine and gross motor, self-help, social/behavioral, cognition.

        2.    To provide communication opportunities between the home and school to reinforce student’s progress and for purposes of parent education.  Parental involvement is supported and encouraged in the classroom and when planning for the child.

        3.     To provide a secure, caring consistent and quality classroom experience.  This classroom experience will provide hands-on opportunities, through which children will realize their own unique talents and potential.

        4.    To give the school staff, the community, and the parents an understanding of the child’s program.

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