Vermilion Association for Special Education Educational Foundation

Our Purpose

Þ Aide in the fulfillment of teaching and service functions of the VASE classroom-based programs (including Middlefork School) and itinerant services by providing funds

Þ Make grants and loans of any corporate property for the purpose of furthering the educational purpose

Þ Solicit, accept, administer, and disburse gifts, grants, and bequests of property of every kind as deemed appropriate for the furthering education of the students

Þ Receive grants  from government and other sources and to distribute such grants for the support of education and educational projects of the VASE classroom-based programs system

Armstrong-Ellis consolidated district #61

Armstrong township high school #225

Bismarck-henning community unit district #1

Georgetown-ridge farm community unit district #4

Hoopeston area community unit district #11

Oakwood community unit district #76

Potomac community unit district #10

Rossville-Alvin community unit district #7

Salt Fork community unit district #512

Westville community unit district #2