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Middlefork School

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Middlefork School is part of the Vermilion Association for Special Education cooperative, which serves Vermilion County schools.  It is designed to serve students whose needs cannot be adequately met in their home school districts.


Classrooms are designed to serve students who are struggling with a variety of special education disabilities, such as, but not limited to, severe emotional concerns, anxiety, depression, physical symptoms of fears associated with school problems, behavior issues, inattention, hyperactivity, autism, and overall low functioning in cognition, academics, and life skills. 


This program offers students small class sizes, a highly structured environment, and low student to teacher ratio. Some of the students’ needs are severe enough to also require a personal aide. Every student participates in a charting system and levels that the students strive to achieve. Academics are offered at the level that each student needs through individualized instruction and group instruction.


Each student receives school social work services as indicated in their Individualized Education Plan. In addition, all students participate in a social skills class every day for 30 minutes. The class is instructed by the special education teacher and supported through the school social worker. The school social workers also work with families to connect them with a variety of community resources that would be beneficial.


The primary focus, both in the classroom and in counseling, is to give the students the social and behavioral skills they need to successfully return to their home schools.  There is no predetermined time frame for returning to the home school; this can take anywhere from a few months to several years, depending on the students’ progress and the decisions of the IEP team.

Enrollment at Middlefork School is an IEP Team decision.  If you are a parent/guardian who desires that your child be placed at Middlefork School, please contact your home school administrator and request an IEP meeting.